Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Liddell vs. Couture 3-Pack

Since it's literally impossible to find the UFC 57 DVD of Couture vs. Liddell III, I now hesitantly suggest that you pick up the three pack. Yes, I know it's frustrating to have the other two singles and have to rebuy them just to view the end of the trilogy, but there's something in the history of their feud that is worth owning, no matter how questionable the distribution may be.

Since you're buying all three discs, I'll quickly go through them and highlight the ups and downs of the three cards.

UFC 43: It was nothing spectacular, other than the main event, but did feature a bizarre bout between Frank Mir and Wes Sims in which Sims is disqualified for stomping on Mir's face. Vitor ("the old Vitor," to be exact) absolutely dropped bombs on Marvin Eastman, which is always fun to see. The swing fight between Tank and Kimo was nothing special, but it was a nice letdown before the main event. My favorite of the three Couture-Liddell bouts, Couture checked all of the younger Liddell's strengths en route to a what I'd like to call a "really fun" three round fight. It of course ends with Liddell being knocked out.

UFC 52: This is widely considered by many (and myself) to be the best UFC card of all time. At the time, it was the highest-grossing UFC event of all time, and rightfully so. St. Pierre and Mayhem Miller had an excellent (and bloody fight), which was followed by the incredibly technical bout between Travis Lutter and Matt Lindland, which was THEN followed by Hughes-Trigg II, my unanimous pick for best UFC fight of all time. Finally, the main event rolled around, and we were greeted by a newly confident Liddell who wasted no time knocking Randy Couture out in the first round.

UFC 57: Other than the main event, there were actually zero fights of consequence. It's one of the reasons why some buyers may be better off just buying this three-pack: getting all the excellent fights of UFC 52 to counterbalance all the crap on this card. Couture managed to put up a much better fight, but the result was the same: a Liddell KO. It is at this event that Randy announces his retirement.